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Barbara Colby

Barbara H. Colby NSCA-CPT
Advocare Independent Distributor
Wellness Consultant

E-mail: bcolbynsca@aol.com
Phone: (561) 756-1290

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Advocare Testimonial

Tamara 37 weeks pregnantI joined Barbara's "Mom & Me" fitness class in 2001, three months after my first daughter was born. I had gained 50 pounds in pregnancy and had 30 left to lose. I needed help! When I found Barbara's class in a local parenting magazine, I was delighted to learn that I could workout and bring my baby along. I started attending classes twice weekly and by the time my daughter was nine months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I met some wonderful mothers in class and formed lasting relationships. In addition to guiding me in exercise, Barbara took my nutritional profile and provided me with nutrtional products to help me build muscle tone and gain energy. They really work! When I became pregnant with my second child in 2003, I continued exercising 2-3 times a week in Barbara's class with safe modifications she showed me. Not only did I look great, I had less aches and pains because my core muscles were supporting me. I only gained 30 pounds with the second pregnancy, and was back to my original weight within six months of delivery. At ten months post-delivery, I found myself ten pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight with a firm and sleek body! Wow!

- Tamara R.

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Advocare Distributor

Barbara H. Colby NSCA-CPT
Advocare Independent Distributor, #0002614
Family Fitness & Nutrition

(561) 756-1290 | bcolbynsca@aol.com


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